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  • MHB37 (black), MHB38 (tan), MHB39 (dark bronze)

Homestead Bracelets

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Product Description

The Homestead (Projects for Street Children) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and has section 18A tax status in South Africa. The Homestead has been established since 1982 and has a simple mission – “To get and keep children off the street and to reconstruct their shattered lives.”

Miglio Jewelry Bracelets are made by the ladies of The Homestead and profits of these bracelets go towards supporting The Homestead in the outstanding contribution they provide.

Bracelts are all handmade and hand stitched.  Each bracelet is unique and made with loving care and dedication.  They may be worn as either a bracelet or necklace and enhancers can easily be added for extra effect.

Miglio is so proud to be associated with The Homestead in the phenominal work they do in helping keep South African kids in happy, secure homes and off the streets!